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30 August 2007

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fresh before rain
29 August 2007

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26 August 2007

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WestMambalam By night
19 August 2007

Recent Comments

Katalog Stron on Its cold..
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

ANJ on a typical Kerala style house
Veedaayaal ingine venam..... raavile marakkirikkaan ayalathe parambil

Aparna on Its cold..
Your blog title says 'Randonly'!

Behzad on Liberty
nice shot

Garfield on Its cold..
That's the I will select for a cold day .. focus!

uvaraj on Its cold..
oh yes it is and keeping me and my camera gear indoors :) like the pattern and details on that sweater.

Paul on Locking thoughts
Nice shot...

CandidCanvas on The Morning Steroid !
Gr8 shot... But I like the caption even better!! :)

sujan malayil on Bowing to the Sun rise
good fotos....keep it

uvaraj on Mudhal Mazhai
Happy New Year; Wish you and your family a happy 2010 :)

Maddy on Mudhal Mazhai
Muthal mazhai arumai. muthal mazhai paattu paada thodagitten ithai paarthu

Garfield on Mudhal Mazhai
Fascinating! Great find, well seen

Sreekrishnan on 1
Thanks all ! :)

Joan Felix on Mudhal Mazhai
GO Green, Nice photo... can u tell me what is this photo means ?

uvaraj on Mudhal Mazhai
from the thumbnail view i thought it was paddy field ! great find and nice capture. small things - great subjects ...

Garfield on 1
Great choice of time of day and light. Like the texture as well

Self-Indulgence on 1
You definitely took advantage of the sun on this door! Nice as the other one.

Curly on 1
Lovely light modelling, good shot.

uvaraj on 1
simple yet elegant. i like the angle and details :)

Self-Indulgence on The Rays, unlock the beauty
A warm welcoming image. The sunlight on the doorknob seems to invite you in.

MARIANA on The Rays, unlock the beauty
great light and detail !

Garfield on The Rays, unlock the beauty
Simple composition, capturing the sunlight well

Shahryar on The Rays, unlock the beauty
well done ,good composition :)

Antoine on The Rays, unlock the beauty
Very nice composition.

Joan Felix on The Rays, unlock the beauty
nice tone... yeahh nice macro

uvaraj on The Rays, unlock the beauty
nice tone here. great detail for a reflective surface light by sunlight. well done :)

uvaraj on The Rays, unlock the beauty
tine tone here. great detail for a reflective surface light by sunlight. well done :)

Self-Indulgence on blinds
I have always loved sunlight on the blinds or through them, wonderful!

Garfield on blinds
I've often tried to make nice photos of blinds .. I like this one! Warm, fuzzy, early morning light.

Dinu on ..
A proverb in Kannada goes "Doorada betta nunnage" meaning mountains from a distance appear smooth!

Dinu on blinds
Me too! Nice shot.

Very lovely panorama !

Christophe Esnard on Brooklyn
I like your photos of NYC !

Christophe Esnard on Liberty
Good point of view.

Megha on A View
from far, doesnt the place looks calm ? ... nice :)

Megha on ..
confirms that...nothing is perfect!

zahra on A View
very nice.

behzad noorifard on Liberty
nice shot

k@ on A View
The rectangle presentation & frame makes the image itself look llke a boat, love the feeling & haze

Dulcie on A View
If I took this shot I probably would have tried to level it out a bit....and ruined the image. This is very evocative ...

Kim on A View
Nice and moody!

uvaraj on A View
I don't remember seeing NYC skyline in B&W. People always try to capture the lights and glass from this POV. ...

uvaraj on Liberty
nice framing and use of thirds. I was told by fellow bloggers "for landscape: always keep the horizon flat".

Shoebox on Lights
I like the way the overall image softens the closer it gets to the edges. I might have changed my angle of view ...

Curly on Lights
Like guardian sentinels.

uvaraj on Lights
beautiful arrangement nicely framed :)

Self-Indulgence on Times Square
Really like the hazy frame look of this and the night colors.

Levi Cusio on Times Square
excellent dreamy shot. lovely mood you created on this. well done

Curly on Times Square
Yes, I like the softness around the edges too.

Emmanuelle on Times Square
Love the glowing effect!

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